Modern Options for Banks to Move Funds Globally & Increase Demand Deposits Locally

Corresponding banks pose a risk to off-shore banks and their customers. Should a corresponding bank decide to stop working with a specific bank or region, the value proposition for the offshore bank is called into question. Locally, banks are struggling to increase demand deposits. New Bank Rail was built to help offshore banks counter their correspondent risk, while offering local banks a low cost option to affect their Tier 1 Capital Ratio.

About Us

About Us

An Easy to Integrate
New Payment Scheme

New Bank Rail connects directly to existing core banking systems for settlement of funds using local bank transfer, ACH, and the Automated Clearing House Real-Time Payments (RTP) technology. Offshore banks are connected to US banks through a secure platform ensuring KYC, AML, and BSA compliance.



A Platform and
Network of Connected Partners

Implementing New Bank Rail has a number of benefits including faster transaction speed, lowers fees, and most importantly no lost or delayed transactions requiring tracers or manual intervention.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle

No correspondent bank needed or required.

A fully compliant platform connecting like-minded tech-forward banks

Money transfer cost is a fraction compared to traditional wire transfer

Timing of receipt of money is < 1 second vs 1-4 days with traditional wire transactions

Ledger system is completely secure and instant; allowing money to be tracked and move in real-time

Modern Technology Framework

Enterprise platform designed on top of bank friendly system

New Bank Rail utilizes a suite of modern components developed to ensure secure, complaint, non-reversible transactions. The core functions operate similarly to the SWIFT network where New Bank Rail doesn’t actually transfer funds, but instead it sends payment orders between institutions’ accounts, similar to using SWIFT codes.

Modern Technology Framework


New Technology’s role in
New Bank Rail

Faster, trusted transfers are just the beginning of what New Bank Rail can begin to offer the market. Offshore banks have the benefit of offering cross border transfers for their customers and are transparent immutable.

Supporting Infrastructure

As a secure hosted platform, New Bank Rail works with existing legacy infrastructure.

Authorized Banks

Offshore banks work with a network for onshore banks to ensure liquidity and efficient, fast money transfers.

Non-Reversible Transactions

Money transferred using New Bank Rail is between parties and financial institutions, all with visibility to the process and flow every step of the way.


The world’s most advanced encryption methods are used to ensure fund flows continue without interruption.

Instant Transaction Settlement

New Bank Rail funds will be tied to real-time API feed from offshore banks to network banks providing instant transaction settlement across connected core banking systems.


Transaction will be atomic (i.e. non-reversible), auditable, and highly secure.


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